Mr Goldsmith, a long standing contributor to badminton

Morty Goldsmith was born in 1925 and that makes him 87 years young. He is a regular badminton player at the MWBC on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights, from 7:00PM to 10:00PM, except during the winter months when he’s in Florida on vacation. Mr. Goldsmith is in excellent health, goes to the gym every day and is very fit both in cardio and muscle mass for his age. He also helps other badminton players with technical advanced play and he contributes to the badminton community and its advancement. In the 80 years of Canadian Masters’ history, I have never witnessed a better player; he definitely stands out in his category.

Mr. Goldsmith started playing badminton in high school, namely Baron Bing High in Mount-Royal, and for several years thereafter, he played at the Snowdon Badminton Club. An injury kept him off the court for a year and then he resumed playing at different clubs, including in Côte-St-Luc and Montreal West. For the past 20 years, he has been an active member at the MWBC, and contributes to badminton and his community by fostering a positive environment that promotes badminton, good health and exercise. He used to play with another youthful partner, 75-year-old Al Kunicki -- and their combined experience totaled over 150 years!

With their seasoned badminton skills, they won most of their matches. Mr Goldsmith has been married since 1946 and has 3 children. He is thrilled that his grandchildren now play badminton and will be enthusiastically coaching them as they move towards competitions in the coming years.